Linking to Database Articles

When providing links to articles in library databases, you cannot just copy and paste the url from your browser; those links will not work off campus or on the Mills-Guest wireless network.

  • For EBSCOhost databases, use the permalink option on the right hand side of the detail record. This link will work on and off campus.
  • For ProQuest databases, go to the Details tab and scroll down to the Document URL. This link will work on and off campus.
  • For all other databases and online journals, you need to add a prefix to the article’s url in order for it to work both on and off campus:

These methods will only work for articles that are covered by library subscriptions.

Loaning Personal Books to Students during Covid

    For faculty who want to loan out personal books to students, please consider the following:

  • If you are loaning books that have been stored in your home or an office in which you have been working or spending time regularly, you should give them to students in a bag or envelope and tell students to quarantine them before opening the packaging, putting the packaging or book on their bed, etc.
  • Current REALM testing suggests that a 3 day quarantine is sufficient for non-glossy pages and cloth-bound hardbacks (without dust jackets) and 4 day quarantine for glossy pages and covers.
  • If the book or books you are lending have been in an office or other location where people have not been spending time, it is probably safe to loan them in packaging without quarantine.

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